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I try to post daily to Facebook  and the following images where some of the most popular in 2014.  They where determined from some of the Facebook statistics, likes, comments and shares.  Many of the ones that did well were shared on the Equine Photographers Network's  Facebook page and with close to quarter million followers, that is a lot of exposure.  Facebook is a constant challenge for business page's post to show up on followers feeds and I did notice a large decrease in the statistics from the beginning of 2014 to the end.  Even though I doubles the number of followers in 2014, many post where hidden within everyone's newsfeed.   

Some of the popular images where actually photos taken in earlier year, but I either thought it deserved re-posteding or discover a photo I never have posted or it was for someone's Happy Birthday post.

If you ask me to pick a favorite, I obviously have to pick one of my family, 4 and 2 legged. Usually when someone ask what is my favorite photo, my answer is from my most used quote by Imogen Cunningham; "Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I am going to take tomorrow  

A Chip of Sudden won High Point Western Horse at the 2014 Appaloosa World SHow

On of my daughter's horses; Colby.  I just came home from doing 7 photo sessions and Colby was standing under the overhang in his turnout pen.  I was tired, but couldn't miss this opportunity of the great light

Spyder was the High Point English Horse at the APHA World Show in 2014.

Cashin Doubles, a sucessful barrel racing stallion in Texas.  I an glad his owner let me use artificial lighting and we got some very dramatic images.
Another great expression.  
Another image taken in 2013, but I used it to practice some Photoshop techniques 
My daughter's horse Sterling Invitation.   I surprised her with portrait for Christmas 
Headshots seem to be one of the more popular images, especially those with great expressions
A horse as handsome as John Simon is going to be popular
Wise Dan, taken in 2013

Did a series of images of yearlings in this pose. The trainer/graphic designer had a vision for a great ad design that turned out awesome. 

This is actually a photo from 2013, but was re-posted in 2014. Taken at our workshop and when they where done with their session and walked backed to the barn they did this! Cute and great light.

After doing some family portraits, I did some candids of the family riding.  I think he really enjoyed have his photo taken.

Another image from 2013 that I re-posted.  Yes they are all mine and love them.

From Harmony's senior session.  Her back yard made a fantasic location.  More and more college seniors are getting portraits done and I think it is a great idea

While doing a photoshoot, they also had a drone doing video.  I loved the results and plan on getting one someday!

Love the emotion from Olivia when she was announced the winner of Battle of the X's

Sid has the best smile!  He went on to win the APHA Chrome model search and was featured in their fashion article.

Although taken in 2013, it was not posted until 2014.  Taken at the Scott Trees workshop hosted by Equine Professional Network

One of my minis;  Storm has very blue eye and the snow just intensified them.

Always have fun doing photoshoots for Lisa, this photo says it all

Borrowed Katy to do a fun shoot.  It was very cold and Katy was toughed it out and I think she had fun also.

Taken in 2013, but never posted until 2014.  One of my favorite photos, love the connection these 3 had.

Image with a horse-human bond are always popular 

Taken in 2012 turning a fun session.  I bought a fog machine and invited several models to come help me try it out.  I re-posted this again in 2014 and it was very popular

2014 had plenty of chances to take photos of ice.
Lazy Luvah a flashy & talented APHA bay roan

A horse lover is born.  This was somewhat controversial image as someone was concerned that the baby would get bite.  The baby was not as close as appeared and was perfectly safe for this adorable moment

A cute Paint horse and 3 adorable kids = lots of likes
Piper, Abbey & Taco.  These 3 appear a few more times in this blog.  Was a very fun session.

I realized how much I liked photographing kids & horses this year

Venture Database was rescued from a sale know to kill buyers.  Soon after she was rescued it was discovered that she was pregnant.  There where several of her photos that were popular taken of her and her baby. 

I love a series of photos that tells a story

Between this foal's coloring and athletic ability, made it very popular.
Love long legged foals

Lights on Broadway & Yammi from Rember Me Rescue.  Sadly we lost Lights this year.

Yammi from Remember Me Rescue is always popular

Matto Mondo from Remember Me Rescue, was somewhat of a show off

Love this photo of 2 long time friends

As a proud mom, many of my daughter's Senior portrait were very well liked
I had 2 big milestones this year, one with my oldest daughter getting married, this was the most popular non horse related image

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