Friday, February 12, 2010

I always thought I lived in Texas.....

.... but I am beginning to have second thoughts.  After having a record breaking snow yesterday I think we moved north without notice.  This winter has been like no other I have been in since living in Texas.  Wait I grew up in Southern California, so make that all my life.  Don't get me wrong I love the snow and spent most of the day out in.  Evidence is proven by my red face, guess the sun isn't the only thing that can do that.  After doing the usual snowman building and playing with family and dogs, I decided to take a short hike in surrounding pastures.  I didn't go far since12 inches of snow gives the legs a good workout and I soon discovered why they make snowshoes.  After talking to several of my local friends, we came to the conclusion that Texas people don't have snow legs and our northern friends have buns of steel.  I can recall when it went over 32 degrees, as I was standing under a bunch of trees when the snow started falling and had to move quick!  I did get my camera out a few times so I could share with my friends.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What do when all there is MUD?

Being no market for mud shots, even though a good friend of mine did suggest there maybe a market for female mud wrestling photos. Had a good laugh, but sorry not my style.
I decided to just try a few black and white edits. I have always liked the artistic appeal of some black and white photos, I just need more practice. So here are a few of my "practice" edits. Not the best shots, just playing around with our own horses, I think the last non-super muddy day we had. Those are rare days this winter.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tips for preparing your dog for photos

If you are like me your dog or dogs in my case are part of the family, so why capture memories of you beloved pet in photographs. To make the most out of your time in front of the camera, be prepared. In most cases you will want you dog clean and well groomed, do this before your photo session begins. If you want action shots this may not be as crucial as a portrait type session.

When finding a photographer for you dog, be sure they have some experience around dogs. Non-fans of dogs wouldn't be your best bet to hire.

If your dog doesn't know a few basic commands like sit and stay, start working on it a few weeks before your session. Training most dogs basic commands doesn't take much time and it will make the session much less stressful for you, your dog and your photographer.

Bring your dogs favorite treat and toy to help get a good expression on your dogs face. Sometimes a brand new toy helps. Also bring some water and a bowl for your dog. Some dogs may be afraid of the noises and flashes of a camera, so acclimated before you session. Let your photographer know if your pet is fearful of anything. If the photographer doesn't have an assistant, have another family member or someone else your dog is familiar with to assit.

Choosing your location is very important. Safety for your dog is the most important thing to consider, not to close to roads or other dangerous places for dogs. Consider the coloring of your dog so you dog stands out and doesn't blend into the background.

Think of the time of year and climate. If your session in the summer consider the early morning so your dogs tongue isn't hanging out the whole time and doesn't become overheated if doing action shots.

If your dog is part of the family and your life include them your personal portraits!

Be sure to visit my web-site for more session tips.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rock The Dress; Equine Style

Rock The Dress, Trash The Dress, Rock The Frock what ever you wish to use. It is one of the latest styles of capturing your dream dress. Sure you have formal portraits done before and after the ceremony, but do they reflect the real you. Rock the Dress is used to express the real you and to have a little fun. You spend hours finding the perfect dress for your perfect day, get the most out of it. Whether it is your wedding, prom or other special occasion why not see yourself in a different light than the normal portraits. You bought the dress for an important day in your life, why not include your favorite horse that is so important to you. You will cherish it for years.

I had some great models that were both excellent riders. Thanks to Rachel & KC for allowing me to use them as my Guinea Pigs and were very willing to do whatever I ask. Of course on my way home I kept thinking of poses I should of had them do. They had to deal with the wind, bright sun and fresh horse. It wasn't too cold, but I had a jacket on and they were in spaghetti strap gowns. I also want thank Hixon Show Horses for allow us to us their facility. Some of you may recognize the large un-finished house in the back ground of some of the photos that has been a landmark in Sanger, Texas for many years (decades).

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Trash The Dress is not limited to those with horses. If you are into rock climbing, try it at your favorite spot. If you are into working out, to a shoot at your favorite gym. Whatever your sport, career or hobby is; work it in the photo shoot and show the real you.

It is recommended that you do this type of shoot after your event.

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