Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 In Review | A Little Fun & A Little Laughter

At the end of each year, I try to blog about the year that has past and some of its special memories - and I always try to stick to some sort of theme.  This year I picked some of the behind-the-scenes and images that made me laugh as I remembered what sparked the moment.
I often do a test shot and tell the model to have some fun and make a funny face. Sometimes they do it on their the middle of a session.
Some models like to do their best horse impersonation... or is it a horse doing their best human imitation?

We try to make pretty images; sometimes horses have other ideas.
I promise we got some beautiful images of Dom & Snowball

Photo bombs came all in  shapes: my favorite "ear-getter-upper" pompom, a goat and a horse's tongue

Texas can throw every challenge out there when getting photos: wind, bull-nettle, bugs...

I have said it a million times: whoever is getting ears up, works harder than me. They do whatever it takes: dance, crawl on the ground...  And my ear-getter-upper tools are always fun to play with!

My husband helped me with one our son's sessions and thought it was fun to flash Jake. Being Stars Wars fans, I guess it was as close to a light saber as possible.

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